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It All Started...

We've been blinging and cheering for years!  As a volunteer cheer coach, our founder Lesley, never did like the boring shirts she was given to wear.  So, she researched the products and market and started making sample shirts.  After a few years of perfecting her product, she started wearing them to the football games.  Little did she know that the other moms would go wild over them!  Even the moms on the other team asked where she got her shirts!  So, she got busy and started creating custom designs for all the moms on the local cheer and football team.  She began selling to moms and local boutiques and then launched her Etsy site.  As the business grew, she hired wonderful employees and launched the All Star Custom Bling website.

We design and make each one of our designs using the best materials on the market. All of our shirts and hats are made to order and customized just for you!  We take great pride in our products and will only ship a product if it is perfect.  If our founder wouldn't be proud to wear it - we don't ship it!

We continually research the market to keep our designs fresh and provide trendy shirt options for everyone.  We want to be your go to shop for all your custom shirt needs.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers that make our business possible! We truly believe that we have the best customers on the planet!  Please contact us with any questions.